• Disturbia

 Disturbia (2007)After his father’s accidental death, Kale (Shia LaBeouf) remains withdrawn and troubled. When he lashes out at a well-intentioned but insensitive teacher, he finds himself under a court-ordered house arrest. His mot her continues to cope, working extra shifts to support herself and her son, as she tries in vain to understand the changes in his personality. The walls of his house begin to close in on Kale as he takes chances to extend the boundaries both physical and emotional – of his confinement. His interests turn outside the windows of his suburban home toward those of his neighbors, including a mutual attraction to the new girl next d oor (Sarah Roemer). Together, they begin to suspect that another neighbor is a serial killer. Are their suspicions merely the product of Kale’s cab in fever and vivid imagination? Or have they unwittingly stumbled a cross a crime that could cost them their lives?|||||||||||||||||||||||||||40 for $4.00  Flat Rate ShippingShip up to 40 DVD's & Blu-ray's for only $4.00!!!||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||Welcome to the Wellington & Wagar National Video Liquidators  Thanks for stopping!  If you are looking for a certain title you can use the search feature in our store. You can also browse by category or genre.    Our inventory of titles changes daily and the featured specials change throughout the day!  So visit us often to see super lowprices on great DVD's & Blu-ray's with our everyday low price $4.00 for 40  Flat Rate Shipping.  We guarantee your satisfaction with nothing but the best original studioproduct with cases and art work.  So order with confidence we WILL stand by our product.  Only the Blu-ray disc is guaranteed to be included in multi disc Blu-ray product.     All discs play in region 1 (North America) and are by default widescreen (W/S) {16 x 9}or Anamorphic Wide Screen, unless noted with (FF) denoting Full Frame {1:1.33}

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