• Mamiya AF 3,5/35 Zur M-645 AFD

Send me a message PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: With an angle of 90 °, this wide angle equivalent to a 22 mm lens in the small picture format. The built-in floating elements ensures highest contrast and quality, from infinity to the close focusing from 35 cm. The lens is excellent for landscape shots intended for snapshots with unusual perspectives with great depth of field -. A rotating focus switching ring enables fast switching from autofocus to manual focus and vice versa, without stopping the camera. State: A The State information refer to the cosmetic condition of the article and are of AA (like new), about A + (like new), A (slightly used), B (normal use), C (highly used) marked to D (extreme wear). If no "DEF" (defect) or "LIN" (lens damage) behind the State indication, are all in excellent technical condition and were examined in the framework of the possibilities of me. Defects or damages are mentioned in the description but also again separately if they are known. Tax class: 3 All prices include the legal VAT, but due to various types of taxation they can are not always separately on the invoice. The VAT of 19% on the invoice is reported in tax class 1, tax class 2 the sales tax of 7% and tax class 3 it is no identification of the sales tax possible, there is difference-taxed goods, pursuant to § 25a USTG. is.  Scope of supply: Like the original image/ren in the offer visible on the. Another accessory that is not pictured, is and can be not included also, because it does not exist.  
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    Mamiya AF 3,5/35 Zur M-645 AFD

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